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Welcome to Trinity Health's Motivation Website!

Welcome to the new Motivation web site! We are very excited to bring you a more comprehensive and feature-loaded website!

Motivation┬« helps you maintain this foundation with a variety of tools to help you learn more about your lifestyle and a long term tracking tool that helps you see your improvement over time.  Motivation is a comprehensive activity and lifestyle management tool.  It will permit you to log your workouts and other activities, to learn more about health and fitness and to work with the Trinity Health Exercise Physiology staff as you plan your personal journey to fitness. 


Getting Started

If you are new to the system, you will need to click on "create account."  Then, simply fill out the information that is requested.  The next step will be to complete a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA).  Please answer all of the questions accurately.  All of the information collected is confidential, and is only accessible by you.

 Blood Panel Referral Form.docx

 Minot Public School District Employees

New Members:  Asssessment Informaton: Arrive shortly before your scheduled time in workout clothes.  The only thing you need to bring is $30 if you are choosing to have the bloodwork done.   If you are choosing to do the bloodwork (cholesterol/glucose/triglycerides) - you will need to print off the Blood Referral Form from your Motivation website.  Take that form to any Trinity Lab AT LEAST 4 DAYS BEFORE YOUR FITNESS ASSESSMENT, and they will send the results to us, which will be entered into you Motivation account. NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY - JUST SHOW UP AT ANY LAB DURING THE HOURS LISTED ON THE REFERRAL FORM.  AGAIN, PLEASE FIRST CLASS OR CALL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS AT 857-5626,



NOTE: All material and information presented by this site is intended to be used for educational purposes only. The information on this site is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease.

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